Small Loan For Baby Goods in QLD

A first baby means a lot of changes and new expenses. Not only do you need a cot, car seat, clothes, nappies and a change table but also there are all the other costs such as toys, wipes, bottles and medicines to name just a few!  Daniel, from Ayr in QLD, soon realised that he needed a small loan to help out with the cost of all the baby goods he and his partner needed. Daniel discovered Fair Go Finance online, and decided to complete the fast and easy application

 “You have very helpful and outgoing staff, and you are right on the money with helping peoples needs!” Daniel told us, after he received the cash in his account.

Fair Go Finance offers small loans from $500 to $5,000 for a wide range of personal reasons. Many clients of Fair Go Finance apply for a small loan to pay for personal expenses, household bills, Christmas expenses and vet bills as well as cars, education costs and holiday expenses. Learn more about our small loans and how they may help you move forward. 


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Leah, January 2016