Small loan in Tammworth, NSW, to cover bills

When Analise realised she had a number of bills that needed to be paid, she felt a little worried. She didn't have the savings to cover them, but then her memory reminded her of having successfully obtained a few small personal loans from Fair Go Finance in the past.  Analise jumped online to and saw the new “Mates Rates Program” that was specifically introduced to reward clients that kept coming back when they needed a loan.  She completed the super short application form for existing clients and was over the moon with the loan process!

When we asked Analise what she thought of the process she told us, “It was so quick and very polite!”

The key benefits of being a repeat client on our Mates Rates Program are that you receive:

▪      Express assessment service

▪      Discount on the establishment fee

▪      Discount on the interest rate

If you are an existing client you can visit our express existing client form to apply now.  If you are new to Fair Go Finance, we want you to know that our personal loans cater for people with good and bad credit.  

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"Excellent customer service and prompt application process."

Narelle, November 2016