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Quick Loans

When you want a quick loan online, we understand you’re in need of some quick cash and simply want to avoid the hassle of printing and signing documents!  Perhaps you want your fast cash loan while on the go, or to simply apply for cash without leaving the comfort of your home.

We know unexpected expenses are a part of life and it’s great when you can get them sorted out quickly!

How much do you need?

I need



3 months7 years

My credit is

rate p.a.


rate p.a.


Minimum weekly


Total repayment


Want more than $5000

What is a quick online loan?

So, if you’re looking for between $500 and $5000, all you need to do is complete our easy online application.

Applying for a small loan is easy and it only takes 5 minutes

Reviews and feedback from customers about Fair Go Finance’s Quick Loans
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10 reviews
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    Excellent fast delivery and customer service.

  2. 5

    Great service, extremely fast and efficient, enabling me to rectify my monetary issue with haste!

  3. 4

    Very helpful. Quick approval. Will apply again if needed. 

  4. 5

    Quick response, easy to communicate with and very friendly and helpful.

  5. 5

    Just great quick service. Very informative of the process.

  6. 5

    The fast response to my request and also the help over the phone was 10 out of 10.

  7. 5

    It took less than 24 hours to secure the loan.

  8. 4.5

    They were very helpful when finalising the application. Ensuring they helped where possible. They were fast and efficient in transferring the funds as well. 

  9. 5

    Easy to deal with everyone is very friendly and is always quick to receive money.

  10. 5

    Fantastic service, staff are friendly and helpful. The process took just over 24 hours form when I submitted my application to when I received the funds.

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A quick loan can be used to cover any type of cash shortfall, including:

So if you need cash fast, wherever you are in Australia, our fast online quick loan is only a click away - apply now for your small cash loan

Keeping quick loans clear and simple!

Am I eligible?

To apply you need to be: 18 years of age or older, a permanent Australian resident and in regular paid employment.

How much can I borrow for a cash loan?

From $500 up to $5000

How long can the loan term be?

3 – 24 months

Is it a fixed or variable rate loan?


Who will be the lender?

Depending on your credit history and loan amount you request, the lender may be: 
Fair Go Finance $500 - $5000 
Ratesetter $4000- $5000 
Now Finance $4000 -$5000 
Latitude $4000 - $5000

Why restrict your finance options to one lender? At Fair Go Finance we have partnered with some like-minded finance providers so it can allow even more loan choices for you.

Quick Loans Pricing


Small Amount Loans

Loan Amounts: $500 - $2000

Average Term: 5 months

Typical Establishment Fee: 20%

Monthly Fee: 4% of principal

Interest Rate per Annum: 0%

Comparison Rate: N/A

Medium Amount Loans

Loan Amounts: $2250 - $5000

Average Term: 8 months

Typical Establishment Fee: $460-$695

Monthly Fee: $5

Interest Rate per Annum: 29.9%

Comparison Rate: 39.9%


For a $500 small loan

Available Term: 3 - 5 months

Repayments per week (depends on affordability): $33 up to $155

Establishment Fee: $100

Monthly Fee: $20

Interest Rate per Annum: 0%

Comparison Rate: N/A

For a $2250 medium loan

Available Term: 4 - 12 months

Repayments per week (depends on affordability): $62 up to $169

Establishment Fee: $460

Monthly Fee: $5

Interest Rate per Annum: 29.9%

Comparison Rate: 38.1% - 44.6%


Mates Rates Discounts

At Fair Go Finance we reward you with a discount on your second loan, given you will have demonstrated a positive repayment history on your first loan. You will be rewarded with an express service and, depending on the loan amount, a reduction on your establishment fee / interest rate. For more information on our loyalty discounts, check out our Mates Rates page.


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Minimum loan term 3 months. Maximum loan term 12 months. For our loans of $500 to $2,000 an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) does not apply. For loans above this amount maximum APR is 48%.

"Quick. Friendly. Understanding call staff. You are not made to feel small or unworthy as you can do at banks or other places."

Lynn, January 2016